Trump’s Multiple Paths To Victory on Jan. 6, Senate Is The Key


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In today’s episode we discuss the clear path that President Trump has for victory, it involves multiple states, state legislatures and in the end, the Senate is the key, and perhaps, Mike Pence.



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  1. Hello sir, I just wanted to thank you from my entire heart for all the GREAT journalism. The TRUTH and the SAUCE you demand in your reporting is so important. I have been following you sir from the beginning. Before you showed your face. It always range true in my mind, body and soul. No homo; but you are special sir to this SERIOUS movement.

    ThanQ Redpill
    Robyn Forrest Sprowl

  2. After listening to Tracy Beanz Podcast with Patrick Byrne, I’m not sure there ever was a plan!! POTUS is surrounded by vipers!!

  3. Everyone is saying that K. Harris has not left her post, but I just saw a notice about her successor. I didn’t recognize the name, nor can I remember it. I think it was a woman. I don’t pay much attention to “Dark Winter Man” (that’s what I call him) or his supposed upcoming admin. Can’t even stand to look at his pic. Traitor, scumbag, consummate liar & deep state piece of crap!! I feel sorry for Hunter & the rest of his family, granddaughter, etc., but not for Jill.

  4. Can’t wait until Stacey Abrams is arrested, along with traitor Brian Kemp (R) for the massive,
    massive fraud that went on in GA. She is the mastermind behind the fraud in that state & Kemp
    & others went along with it as they all owned by China & the globalists.
    The other battleground states had their own masterminds to command the fraud. Hope they
    can be arrested too once Trump is inaugurated.
    Thank you for the good reporting, MSM doesn’t report any news anymore…just opinion hit
    jobs against President Trump. Can they be arrested for election interference or disinformation?
    I’ve been praying since Nov 5th for God to bring Justice & it’s coming soon. Trump 2020!!!

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