Some B*tch I Know will be on Comfy Sunday Tonight


No I’m not being crass and yes we will talk about that name, but Lauren or @SomeBitchIKnow on Twitter will be joining us tonight. She’s a n excellent deep dive researcher and a lot of fun. We’ll be talking about her research on the origins of BLM , the election fraud and so much more. Join us at 7pm est, you should know where by this point! ALSO: Clouthub is down for the time being, all videos will be posted here to this website, you can watch by clicking WATCH in the menu bar and select the desired show. If you are looking for a current livestream, click Live, once it’s arched, select the show, be it Comfy Sunday, Occam’s Razor or something elese.

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  1. Leaving old familiar yt in order to rejoin you means turning into a new and unfamiliar, thus it took me a while to enjoy the unknown. Zak talking with no concerns of censorship rocks!

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