Solar Winds Massive Breach, Dominion Forensic Audit Revealed, Trump Electors Vote



Update on the massive list of nearly 2 million Chinese spies, fully translated at, CISA announces a data breach that has massive implications for the Federal Gov. and Fortune 500 companies, Dominion back in the news, Court battle win in Michigan, we now have conclusive proof of built in Dominion fraud, another win in Wisconsin and Republican electors attempt to cast their votes in contested states, as well as a possible pardon for Julian Assange.


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  1. Hey Zach. Love your content bro but I gotta tell ya, ever since the FB crap your great channel is scattered everywhere. Ok no problem I can find you but it’s not easy. Apps for live streams that aren’t streaming, content on one app but not the other. It’s all a pain whereas when you were on FB there you were and I could easily tell if I viewed it already and when you aired it etc. But ultimately I wonder wtf is going on with the video formatting. On FB if I tip my phone to landscape or click on the expand button, boom you are full screen. But never does that happen on these other platforms. I don’t get it, what am I missing?

    Keep up the good work, I watch/listen regardless.


    1. Do you mean YT? RP is not on FB, If you haven’t yet, check out and the start of He will be there if not already, watch Comfy Sunday with Andrew Torba.

    2. I think as soon as GABTV is set up this week you will always be able to find many good shows that you prob are familiar with. RP also has the I hear what ur saying but like many who were censored had no time to see it coming and could not nor had not made alternative channels. Go GAB or RPs website. Good Luck! site.

    3. Hey, Tony
      Zach’s content is well worth the little effort to find his own web site, and many options for viewing his content.
      In this app, just tap on the video window once to bring up the visual controls on the bottom of frame. In bottom right, you will see a gray rectangle with “Rumble” next to it. Tap the rectangle to expand video to full screen.
      I hope that helps. The Rumble video player is embedded in this Parler web page.

  2. I look forward to your NEWS DAILY .. I do miss Spaceshot 76 Severe Neon Revolt M3thods all those places I could easily access on youtube . I had my back-ups as advised . Still learning my way around Paler rumble Bitchute ect… I am still on Twitter and I will be there until POTUS is not My God what a time to be on planet earth for this incredible AWAKENING . Thank You for being a young gun and awake . Been on this journey for over 50yrs . MY MEMORY IS LONG AND ACCURATE . YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING ZAC . Love light joy and angels all around the AWAKENED .

  3. I am horrified regarding the stunt pulled by Witmer using the state police to fraudulently prevent the GOP electors from recording their votes. She broken the law again and needs to be arrested ASAP.

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