SCARE EVENT, It Had To Be Done By The Book…


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Let’s talk about what happened today, I asked everyone over the last few days to manage their expectations, but I know many of you are scared, sad, shocked and worse. But we are still in this battle and nothing has changed with regard to the mission. RESTORE AMERICA!
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  1. STOP Bro yall have done enough Damage, A lot of good people are going to get hurt, before Trump open pandora Box he should of thought of the consequences of his actions, Now lots of people are going to suffer, while he hung us out to Dry, THANKS i guess i will see everyone at the Re-education Camps

      1. It is over. That wasn’t a hexagon it’s an octagon. Not the same. Sorry guys redpill78 is reaching and grasping at straws

        1. Redpill is not grasping at straws…he is stating that we have to continue restoring faith and values to our beloved country!

        2. Red pill is right, our country was taken over back in 1913, and the white hates and Trump for 30 years this has been going on stay strong. just a little longer to about March.

          1. The country was effectively screwed with the Organic Act of 1871 that incorporated the Federal District as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA, THE USA, AND other names. We have been under corporate rule since then, largely under the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code, also known as the General Law of Contracts.

            It is of course, substantially more complex than that, but that is a good place to begin any research. If you have ever traveled through rural America, you may also note that any unincorporated sections of the country are required by law to post that on street signs before you enter.

        3. Her dress contains a hexagon. Gematria value meanings for Hexagon are pretty amazing … look that up …
          The military fire sign is an octagon.

        4. I think the shapes on the dress Melania wore may be significant. The dress was hideous and not consistent with her usual style. Remember the blouse with the bow?

          1. Are you talking about when she stepped off AF1 w dress looking eireely like a Jester or Joker from old deck of cards? Some might also call that a Trump Card, depending on what game you’re playing! 😉
            Carry on Patriots!

      2. One thing I noticed is msm n yes we all know 22k troops there. But during live today barley any outside nor inside. As well as during parade there was no barb wire on the fence anymore.How is that possible. You couldn’t see wall they built either?

        1. Apparently it was prerecorded! Evidence of it in Great Britain 5 hours before it actually took place here “Live”… How is that?

          1. I heard people in Spain and the surrounding seen it at around 7 or 8am their time January 20 which would’ve been around 1 or 2am ours so I don’t see how it’s a valid inauguration if it was done while Trump was still in office. He was never removed from office and was still active as both the President and Commander in Chief.
            The National Guard is in DC for 30, correct? This is something I’ve been curious about cause I’ve heard they are actually in control of the US right now not Biden or anyone else.

    1. Agreed. He didn’t invoke the insurrection act. Didn’t want see his 2018 EO. Something happened to him. Did he make a deal?

        1. The left did not take down. It was archived for historical purposes. You do that when a President leaves office. You also do that for museums. Clue #1

      1. I thought he sent Nancy a letter showing it was active…
        Maybe I’m confusing it with something else.
        I have stop even listening to any kind of media cause I’m sick of the division that is just as much their fault as anyone else.

    2. Trump’s “actions”? Do you mean a record economy, more “minority” voters leaving the Commucrat party, record low unemployment, border security, knocking the ChiComs back on their heels, bringing jobs back to the USA, holding NATO accountable for what they owe the USA, creating Space Force, pardoning innocent victims of a crooked ass FBI & DOJ, or criminal justic reform? Fuck off, you cunt.

    3. “Behind me Satan!” This is not the end but the beginning of President Trump’s Presidency! In all military operations (especially covert) things are never as they appear and half truths and misinformation is a part of the plan! I military operations things must be fluid because the enemy changes, thus causing the good guys to change! Covert operations are tough when you’re involved in them, & even worse when you’re a bystander. Plus God’s timing is NOT our timing so stay the course & stand firm because to do otherwise is giving up on God!

    4. Darren go home stop acting like a traitor. You damn keyboard warriors think it’s instant gratitude if it doesn’t happen in your time line.

    5. I wanted President Trump to be in office so much today. But I also know Trump wants to go by the book. It’s wants the election fraud to come out, it wouldn’t if he took office today. He will not forget the American people. We will get our country back.

    6. Opening up “Pandora’s Box’ was sensible as the only people directly harmed will be the guilty that ought to have been jailed many months ago. I only have to refer to Hong Kong, and what happens when the CCP rules, as will be the case in the rest of the Free World before long.

    7. You know something, if you choose not to believe, don’t worry about it. But, move on! We know the American people have been cheated and lied to. President Trump has been maligned.

    8. Trump and his family have had four years of utter shite, he’s had attempts on his life, all their reputations dragged through the mud and people are jumping ship cause they relied on some dates that shift cause the enemy are active at changing the game. I get people are disappointed, tired, feel hung out to dry and dealing with broken relationships with friends and family, this is a war do some more inner work to pull yourself together, put on big girl pants and hold the friggin line. Or give into the division the enemy wants, acquiesce, take a knee and sit in the negative space asking why me.

    9. What are you talking about, hung us out to dry? What did you expect him to do with all the rats in the woodpile including his own cabinet? You have to take the bitter with the sweet or that makes one just as bad as the rest of the negative people.

  2. You give the biden regime too much credit too soon. His stronghold appears to be limited to the immediate DC swamp. Resistance by 73 million voters can be a real shackle to implementing change.

  3. I’m going to tell you like I’ve told everyone else.. The “Q” riddles are played out.. either give us factual information or stfu.. I am sick of the riddles.. I am sick of the rabbit hold.. I am tired of being told to research shit when every time yall say something is going happen, and it don’t.. yall find a reason why.. for example “Q” said everyone would be arrested.. they were not(so many times I cannot count) the latest.. with a post in tow.. Biden will be arrested at 1:13 after he raises his hand to be sworn in.. didnt happen.. now its oh but we are going by the Jewish calendar.. Shit, at this point the Simpsons are more accurate than yall..

    1. Im sick of another set of lies
      Or ” misinformation ” ,
      In my life that is 100% wrong to mislead…. in anyway
      Politics should never have become a game

      We are NOT PAWNS
      I WISH I COULD POST THIS ON ALL THE BIARDS i invested my time, emtions, tears and sleepless nights , and leys not foget we wete told go buy ywo weeks of food and water get your meds …. yes i gave America
      my heart & prayer too and im not American, but you’ al are my neighbor

      Life matters
      You matter
      Love & Peace


    2. But…. everything’s on a “need to know” basis…
      And right now…you DON’T need to know…
      And neither do I.

      Does that hurt. Yes it does.

      Hold the line.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if Biden called for to get AF-1 and he couldn’t get it…. not the Chopper nor the Plane., since they too are military. Loving it.
    Thanks Zak, been on this part (2 Constitutions), for about a week and a half now. Maybe that is why I didn’t get upset over Biden getting sworn in., I certainly didn’t watch the fiasco take place.

  5. Thank you for your work. I am not giving up nor losing faith. That’s not to say I don’t feel absolutely sick to my stomach. But nowhere to go but ‘up.’

    1. RU kidding? We haven’t even started to see how far down we’re going to go. Gulags, famine, mass arrests, death camps. The SS, Gestapo, KGB. 1984 will look like a comedy.

      1. And… you think after all this time…. the military will actually do that to you?

        Blackpills taste good, don’t they?

  6. Not to believe that we have been manipulated becomes ridiculous. The plan worked because everyone remained peaceful until the end, even an armed people had their constitutional rights stolen without flinching! most incredible is that even after seeing Biden being recognized in front of thousands of soldiers, he was not arrested and he is president!

  7. This is so good!!! You voiced some opinions and thoughts I’ve had myself yet picked up on loads of things I missed. No way would Melania wear that dress by choice, it’s clearly a message. At the risk of sounding insane, I’m still in. Let’s see what happens. Lack of faith brings misery so why not be optimistic & trust no matter what the outcome, the genie is out of the bottle now & never going back in. Justice will prevail.

  8. Melania’s dress had hexagons or perhaps 2d representations of cubes. The military’s fire symbol is an octagon shape. Octagon =/= hexagon.

  9. Thanks for keeping up the fight. Ignore any detractors, I agree there’s still hope. Can you share the link for that post you read at the end of this vid? Please.

  10. Time will tell. Trump and the soldiers who rescued many abused kids, will not just ‘walk away.’ They are witness to many atrocities which are unforgettable, and unforgivable. Q never specifically said the arrests would happen today. Never said that. We wished for that. It seemed logical, right? These evil people will see justice. I know, you’ve heard that too much, so have I, but I also know that Trump will not just walk away. You’ll know that in your gut, you will, once you get over the instant anger of today. Trump will never forget what ‘they’ did to him and his family, to this country, the kids, to Americans, to the innocent ones. Honestly, I would not go up against Trump if you paid me a million. Never. If you don’t believe in him, and ditch this fighter when your mad, then so be it. I get it. Take a break. But, it’s coming… not on your timeline, but his. It will come.

    1. I agree…..And I don’t think Trump would put his kids and especially his grandkids in the danger they may face…..maybe real soon. I’ll keep the faith and hey, it may be for 4 years………

  11. I truly believe we amidst the 10 days of darkness that have started today. We will hear more on this over the coming days if we dig for the info. I do not believe this is over.

  12. This is what I’ve read

    The Pentagon blocked members of President Joe Biden’s incoming administration from gaining access to critical information about current operations, including the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, upcoming special operations missions in Africa and the Covid-19 vaccine distribution program, according to new details provided by transition and defense officials.

    The Pentagon has also rebuffed the transition’s efforts to gain insight into a high-profile arms deal with the United Arab Emirates for the F-35, America’s most advanced fighter jet. This prevented the team from understanding key details about how sensitive information about the jet would be safeguarded, and what concerns have been raised by Israel, which also operates its own F-35s and initially objected to the deal.

  13. I am watching you for news as best you can discern. Your talents and skills are obvious and you sure beat the MSM alternative.

  14. LMAO!

    Dear Mr. Trump,

    I supported you for 4 years. I believe you would make a different in this country but you fail.

    You surrounded yourself with weak people. You hired weak attorneys in Rudy Giuliani and that blonde idiot.

    You fail by not firing Christopher Wray, Gina Harper, Mark Meadows and many others.

    You fail many million patriot that trusted you.

    You allowed the election to be stolen from us who voted for you.

    You fail to enact the EO you created and to declassify the many many documents that would have show the world the crimes committed by the so called Deep State.

    You fail for being too nice to all those assholes who mocked you and put you, your family and the millions of supporters thru hell.


    A Patriot!

    1. Are you sure you are a patriot. Especially when your spelling is shall we say questionable.
      Stand tall stand proud and trust the plan.

      1. You don’t need to be so harsh your response needed fine tuning
        That patriot is speaking for many who are heartbroken and feel betrayed by the circumstances. I have not lost hope, why don’t you share positive, uplifting data that can be reassuring to the millions grieving now?

        1. I do agree with parts of his comments. The president should have fired Wray and many others. He should have declassified the documents months ago instead of waiting until the last minute. But I still say he is the best President we have ever had in my lifetime. He has done so many wonderful things for us and I hope he will run again. But Biden today, by Executive Order, (or I should say communist order) has undone many of the plans put into place by President Trump. One in particular, which I think was about a commission called 1776 and this commission was to have schools teach more about our nation and its founders, sleepy Joe ditched it. Communists don’t want our children to learn out their heritage.

      2. He is upset..his spelling was fine hence a few missing…people are upset..understand we got set up by Q and others…we will calm down…now the bullshit with Flotus dress…that needs to stop!

    2. Please check your grammar and spelling before posting. Your blame is in the wrong direction. He did try so did the attorneys. You can’t see how he was toad blocked from every angle. Come on man! He hasn’t left us. And he was the only one that fought for us and you’re turning your back and blaming. You are no better than the left.

  15. Trump abandoned us!Why would he set up secret service protection for his kids for the next 6 months?Alex Jones said the whole Q thing was as PSYOP I think he is right!No EO 13848 NO insurrection act.Only secession or armed revolution will save us now!Dems will always screw us over and the courts are corrupt along with a good part of the republican party.

  16. All of us 80 million Patriots just want justice served , seems sometimes they being Hilary Clinton and others are above the law if not how could any sane civilized patriot know what’s been going on and still they get away with the biggest fraud stealing votes from trump to give to Biden , I want to believe this scum bags will pay for what they have been doing , most of all I want Donald J Trump as our commander and cheif , and for one I see nothing wrong with makes America great again . If you have a problem with that I will buy your one way plane ticket to any communist country you want to go to your whole family .

  17. I stand with RedPill. If the military hands over the power to joey…there is no America everything changes inside out and everyone’s guts will be spilled. Also America will than have no truth left to it. For some of you…you really must not believe in truth and justice, those qualities are part of us as a nation. I was 9 years old when Kennedy was killed…that was my awaking to corruption in America. If the fight is over….I pray that God will open the seals. Show people what happens when real truth and justice stands. Those who know God, after all we know should be CRYING for TRUTH and JUSTICE.




  19. Trust the plan, but we don’t know exactly what the plan is… we know what we want, but we don’t know exactly what will happen, when.. many thousands feel like we have been being pulled about, all waiting, all hoping all praying. But now I ask, what can WE the citizens do, can we somehow throw off these things, these evil beings?? I know the job is huge, and you have worked hard, but now, it may be time for all 80 million to get involved? Surely all can understand, we have waited since the beginning, for arrests, that we can see, justice that we can see, we are tired of hearing, “justice is coming”. and now, we wait for a sign, that we have lost all, because we waited. I have heard this and been told I am crazy, for the last 3 years.

  20. I don’t think it’s over. there’s too many things that tell us it’s not. the Clinton’s the Obama’s bush’s etc. did not look like they were celebrating anything. they looked more like they were at a funeral. their own funeral. and pence had a poker face.

  21. Dismissive wanking gesture.

    At this point y’all could find ‘Trust The Plan Qgibberish’ in a pile of rat turds under the kitchen cabinet. Always ‘right around the corner,’ ‘could happen,’ ‘we can expect to see,’ ‘this proves something is up with that,’ bla bla bla. STFU already. Been going down rabbit holes since 1992 and never have I witnessed the unequaled amounts of bullsh!t that I’ve been forced to shovel out of the way in the last 4+years in order to get at something resembling a nugget of truth. If y’all ain’t got to the bottom of it by now, you never will. Hint: All the answers people are looking for are in books, but few of people even have a Library Card.
    Get it over with, get on with it, or get fkd. Sh!t or get off the pot already.

  22. Thanks Zack,
    Interesting point of view. I, like you think that there is still hope that justice will prevail. My problem with all that is the new EO’s that Mr. Biden will sign and their effective dates to commence. If timing is everything then let’s hope that these new EO’s do not interfere with it.
    GOD bless and our best course of action now is to pray that these calamities will pass quickly.
    Australian Conservative

  23. There are still a bunch of us holding the line. Thank you for giving us a little more vision to what could be ahead. This is not over yet.

  24. As much as I and everyone else would like to know the plan Trump has, it cannot be laid out here, where our enemies can see it too. So we continue to trust the Lord and His servant, Donald Trump. Everything has to be in place, and God’s timing is not the same as ours, but I believe that God’s timing is what will succeed.

  25. Zack, I want to see it your way but at this point the phrase, two wings of the same bird, comes to mind. Pres Trump is not a miracle worker and given things such as his continued verbal support of VP Pence tells me, he may not claim to be part of the swamp, but he definitely calls some of them friends. Opportunities were missed that could have brought about our desired results and not just one but many. I think what we have to do as conservatives is to correct election shortcomings so that we can possibly win an election in the future. We need cheat proof systems and voter ID.

  26. You took the wrong red pill guys, Trump is Israel first, he’s a self serving puppet of Khazars. He’s a joo! F it all…. They are all puppets of the billionaire bolsheviks Communists etc. This guy is …. maybe a shill.
    Sorry uncle…currupt scum don’t arrest corrupt scum. They are blood drinking jooooos! Time to create a North West Aryan Land. This anouncer is not based. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Q is controlled opposition.

  27. Thank you Zack for your encouraging words .I am glad I listened to you this evening . I believe things will get better President Trump will not leave our beloved USA in this terrible mess. We know “luck” is not something solid to depend on . Goodness ,Honesty ,Faith and Hope are solid we must not loose these . Mr Biden may feel “lucky “ and believing he “won” but liars and cheaters are a flash in the pan and not long for the people . God Bless and Thank You !

  28. 30 days. Read the Q drops again. The national guard is in DC for the next 30 days. Q told us in 2018. The military has control. Pentagon not sharing intel with Biden administration. Do you trust the military? THIS ISNT ANOTHER 4 YEAR ELECTION!

  29. This guy is too politically correct. Western White folks deserve to exist and be safe. Who created Communism!? Khazars did. Trump is a puppet.

  30. Monday morning I had a dream of a picture on white paper of a, bright yellow starburst shape with a bright orange shape on the left and right side of the yellow burst. So glad I saw this video, now I know how to pray.
    Thank you RP you are the best reporter ever! God bless you.

  31. Actually, it would appear that the Military will take over and appoint a temp President. Within 120 days, the Military will then run a new election. Of which I’m sure Trump may be one of the candidates……….

  32. he was going to bring down the whole corrupt system ? (both sides) think about it ? he cant continue as a republican ? so he needs to reform to the patriots party and then reform govt again ? i too am tired of the 4 year long rhetoric cool aid ? but hey im only a passenger on this ride

  33. it was always going to be a military koo 🙂 when the whole system is corrupt ? but today 80 million trump votes were flushed and people are seeing that the govt is totally corrupted the people have no say in anything ! its time 80 million trump supporters form a Caravan and storm the borders of Mexico and head to Guatemala at least the oppressive govt their doesn’t lie about their intentions

  34. If Trump had all the information to bring Old Joe and the Democrats down as well as the elites then why didn’t he use it before the election instead of saying I have info on all. Sorry mate. You left it too late in the race. Game over. Now endure 4 years of Alzheimer Joe!! Good luck on your second amendment. He will change it either way just like they did in Australia.

  35. I had high hopes today would be a huge cleansing of all the evil and we would have President Trump safely back in the White House but I guess that was too much to ask. My family is ready to admit me to a mental ward. They don’t believe me when I try to explain, to the best of my knowledge, what is going on. They just think I’ve lost my ever loving mind and it’s all a conspiracy therories. I have total faith that our President Trump will be back in some form or fashion. He will not leave us in the hands of corrupt Biden or Harris to destroy all the hard work he put into this country. God put President Trump in the position he did to weed out evil and he has done an amazing job of bringing of it to the surface (Deep State). And now that we know who and what they are we just have to follow the President’s lead and wait for the next step. Today was a hard pill to swallow. I, like a lot of others could not watch the corrupt Biden be named as President because he stole the election and he is not fit to be in that position or hold that title. But we just have to keep praying and hoping that the good Lord, in his time, will take care of the matter, and we will see President Trump soon.

  36. Nice work Zach!
    The dress wasn’t an accident.
    And Q, well, let’s put it this way…
    Telling us to “Trust the plan,” is the same thing as we should trust God.

    So we don’t know everything. I’m ok with that. Let’s stay hopeful and pray, pray, pray!

  37. I see 2 scenarios. Either we have been gas lit by folks like RP78 as they are constantly changing the narrative to suit expectations. Or, it is true as there has to be a reason NG has been deputized to assist the US Marshal services as well as 10th mountain div being present in DC. For riot control? Unlikely as a few bullets from a NG soldier will cause them to cut and run after seeing one of their comrads cut to pieces. There is a reason why intelligence briefings are being blocked by DOD. A side note: be careful believing that biden does not have the nuclear codes. Just because a person was seen carrying 2 bags onto marine 1 doesn’t mean that’s what’s in them. Seems pretty low tech and suspicious. Could have been a shaving kit, underwear and toiletries for all we know. Did someone look inside to verify? Be careful! At this point all sides are suspect.

  38. WOW I read some of the comments and have to say how sad it was to read. You can’t put your happiness on someone else, you have to own that. Count your blessings. Before Trump you were asleep thinking everything was as you saw it. Now you know everything is a facade the purpose of which is to control you. You can choose to go back to sleep or you can navigate in knowledge of the truth. I think Yah has used DJT to lift the veil on wickedness so we can see it.
    A promised kept (what is done in the dark shall be revealed in the light).

  39. President Donald J. Trump is a genius!
    What we are watching is the reclaiming of the United States of America. What this means for We The People is many things. One of them is no more IRS. Biden and his team can make all the executive orders they want, it is only words on paper and means nothing! God Bless the entire Trump family for everything they have done, we could never thank them enough! I believe Donald J. Trump is our gift from God… Watch and see how this plays out. Stay Strong Patriots 😉

  40. I love Redpill, but this Q stuff is designed to destroy any credibility trump or conservatives have. nothing has proven accurate in all this time.

    I just want off this damn planet already!
    So very tired of the cryptic messages and empty promises.
    Tired of Juan telling us to get more fucking popcorn!
    Tired is Simon telling us he fathered a damned alien!
    Tired of Charlie pushing back dates constantly.
    I am tired of hearing Trump repeat “The best is yet to come” because friends, we have already had the best that we are ever going to get. Those days are GONE!
    Don’t you see it!? Didn’t you see it in Ivankas face yesterday as she was literally bawling when she got on the aircraft to leave?! Seriously! Come on!
    Nothing HAS happened in the past 2 1/2 MONTHS in our favor!
    I don’t bloody care anymore.
    I, done with their fucking MKULtra, psyop project being produced by Steve Mnuchin and the rest of their Operation Paperclip leftover junkies.

  42. Unable to access you on duckduckgo at your without going through some chrome loophole. Refused to do it.

  43. Dude,…..If you cannot tell a six sided hexagon from an eight sided octagon you really cannot read into things like you do in this video because it then calls everything else you do into question. The fog of forth generation warfare is bad enough without more vague content creators / smoke generators.

    Here is the truth. Corporations have run our country into the ground under the watch of the pope, the queen and the lord mayors of London and Westminster. That thing in DC is a new corporation without a lawful charter to exist with Americans or act on our soil in our names. The municipal government services providers went bankrupt under chapter 7 in sept. of 2015, filed by pope francis. The territorial government (the british government services providers, the CROWN/Westminster) is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy so they just created this new corporation to try to look legit and impose a continuity of government. We do not consent to it. This whole issue is about political status and press ganging. U.S. citizen is a FOREIGN POLITICAL STATUS SO STOP CALLING YOURSELF ONE AND GIVING THESE INSANE DEVIL WORSHIPING LUNATICS AUTHORITY OVER YOU! Correct your political status and get out of the SEA JURISDICTION and out from under MARITIME/ADMIRALTY Roman Civil Law. This ain’t Rome, and the “Holy Roman Empire” is not holy or roman or an empire. It is a crime syndicate that needs to be wiped off of this planet with extreme prejudice forever. Contact your state coordinator and correct your status and join your state assembly now. If you do not self govern you will be governed by what you are now staring down the barrel of. Wake up!

  44. Fact…..Biden doesn’t have access to personal military planes, etc. He had a private plane bring him to the fake inauguration, and when he tried to get into the White House, no one was around to let them on in 🤣
    Fact…. Biden’s “redecorated oval office” is a Hollywood style set. The picture, taken from several feet away, was like being on a stage, above the ground. They were too stupid to close the curtains. You can see a building with a gutter or something, up close. The Trump pics in the real oval office has green grass and hedges. 🤣
    Fact…..Biden took his oath before noon. The rule is to do this at noon. He swore on an antique “Bible” that was changed in history and has the tone of The DaVinci Code, it was said. 🤣
    You fools, Trump will be in the official spotlight very soon, and he will have your pockets padded big time, so quit bashing him and appreciate his moral concern and actions FOR humanity, not AGAINST. Biden also isn’t alive now.

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