POTUS COMMS, More Troops In DC, RED 4 & Checkmate


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On todays episode, we explore some possible communications from the President, additional ground forces in DC, Biden’s Checkmate, Parler’s TRUE reason for getting deleted by Amazon, Trump’s new EO on China and how it affects Pelosi and the Biden’s and so much more.

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  1. Hey, been listening to you for awhile, and I appreciate your reporting. But Trump was not at the Alamo. The Alamo is in San Antonio. Trump was in a town called Alamo, TX which is 240 miles south of San Antonio, and it’s located near the TX-Mexico border.

    1. It’s ABOUT perception, The THOUGHT process IS clear, by the way 99.9% of Conservative’s are well aware of both facts.
      There’s NO Wall in the area of ” The Alamo, ” BUT the seed of President Trump making a STAND is there for those who THINK !!!%

  2. Noway can the States divide, that would be like sharing the same Continent & coastline with CCP-CHINA. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE CORRUPTIONS ARE FUNDED BY CCP-CHINA

  3. Regarding what you said about the FBI using cell phones to identify those at the capital. Unless those phones were in a Faraday cage equivalent, the phones will emit data allowing the phone users to be tracked. It would not matter if the user turned off Wi Fi or put the phone on airplane mode. Phone are excellent tracking devices.

  4. Hey, nice site Redpill. Will also try and watch you on bitchute to try and support a voice other than youtube, we need a few. lol

  5. In response to the cell phone thing the relevant tech is the
    this is how they track you, it doesn’t matter about the gps and it doesnt matter about apps, any time you turn it on its tracking you in a manner that doesn’t require a warrant for law enforcement purposes, no exceptions.

  6. What that new EO means they lose all their funds that come to them due to their helping the Chinese. That means the government can confiscate the funds of anyone who has a part in any relationship with China that increases Americans bank accounts

  7. Damn, redpill and X22’s report are similar about the 20th. But Juan O’ Savin said that Biden will be inaugurated and will be in power for like 60 days minimum or something like that. Stated that we will freak out about it but that its just an illusion and not to worry because in the end patriots will still win.

  8. RedPill78 I love your work. I’ve been listening to you almost since the beginning. I mostly keep out of the chat. Too hard to follow all the conversations and focus on the information your putting out. Thank you for what you do. Never give up, your not alone.

  9. Well, I just watched the President give a farewell speech. It’s all over folks, all this QAnon stuff must have been a psyop. Keep you docile, “stick to the plan, let it happen…” I fell for it too. Folks make all the money you can right now while people are still spending. Buckle up, the next 4 will be rough. They’re already talking about $2K/mth paycheck for everyone. The economy will collapse soon. Get ready we are full speed ahead to NWO.

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