Occam’s Razor Ep. 55 – We The People Will Not Be Silent


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the Final Occam’s Razor of 2020, The system is rigged. But that’s only because we allowed it to happen through our own apathy and blind trust in a system we haven’t participated in. Stand up.


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  1. I know this comes to you after the fact. Hillary’s brother had died ,about the same time, but if you picture them together they look like identical twins. did cameres go down to replace Epstien ? Yes Epstien IS alive !!!

  2. Please look into corrupt, traitorous, PA Gov. Tom Wolf. He has flown under the radar to this point, as the other corrupt govs grab the headlines. This bastard has destroyed lives, businesses and families in PA. He gave thousands of seniors their death sentences by mandating NH’s to accept C19+ patients. He’s shut the economy down, over a virus that has a 99+% survival rate. He mandated Dominion machines. No vote in the legislature. Please help expose this fembearded demon.
    thank you!
    keep fighting the good fight!

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