National Guard In DC, Agent Provocateurs At The Capitol – A Breakdown & More


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On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we take a look at the incredible National Guard presence in Washington, DC, investigate the possible reasons why and do a deep dive on agent provocateurs that were inside the Capitol on the 6th. Plus much more…
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  1. We were at the rally on the 6th. Have great videos of Trump Stock. All have been removed. Millions of Patriots were there documenting it all! Cell service was absolutely not working. Not safe for all of those who “lost their group or family” in a million person crowd AT ALL.
    The Companies/ people responsible for that should also be questioned- at minimum.

  2. This is/was Domestic Violence Article IV Section 4=internal insurrection. No one cares about “their” de facto government and courts. Read ALL executive orders- de jure Republic incoming, power back to the people. These foreign emoluments have bastardised our fundamental principles for the last time. The U.S corporation is dissolved- welcome united states for America. #Foreign_Emoluments #Emoluments_Violations #EmolumentsClause #ArticleISection9Clause8 #LossPrevention

  3. Did you notice the bullet did not leave any marks on the wall, no blood either?
    Another hint that everything was faked? None of the videos were removed from YT, TW, etc.
    They want “the world to see how bad we are..”

    1. Well, I suspect they would use hollow points. So they shouldn’t penetrate and come out the other side anyway would they? But I agree I think it was a FF and staged!

  4. Zack,
    I’m a subscriber on Patreon & Subscribe Star & long time listener. I have to say, this was the best video I’ve seen all day. Awesome job. I love your work. Please stay safe. We need you. You are an amazing investigative journalist. God bless you & you truly are the NEWS now. Thank you so much for all you do.

  5. At 3:09 in this video, Donald Trump holds up the RED card. He was backstage with Don Jr. Ivanka, and Eric. President Trump was supposed to speak at 11am but he didn’t until 12pm. He was there and could have spoke at 11am because Don Jr. Was done at 10:15 or so. Why did the President wait? Did he know something? Did he know to keep us away? I remember very clearly because my legs were cold and getting sore from standing since 6am. My point is, if he would have spoke at 11am, everyone would have been to the Capitol when it was breached. The Capital was breached before President Trump was done speaking at 1:15pm!!

  6. In the video the cops were standing in front of those doors…..but then totally left…..why? Cuz that’s when they really started breaking in and she was shot….

  7. Why does it start the video over every time you leave a comment? Oh by the way, are they going to have this in every State, taking out all the treasonous people ??

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