Merry Christmas with RP78 & JasonWokeUpInVegas


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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, just chilling with Jason and talking about the madness in TN.

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  1. Lindsey Graham was one utube right before midterm driving down the rode in his car saying what ever do not vote for fucking Trump no mater what . he is a trator.

  2. Thank You for that comment that we all have one person or more who thinks we are looney tunes and they just don’t get that it is in love and compassion and the truth and the Light of the world will guide and heal .. Our once close family is split with angst at times . I just cannot understand how folks do not see exactly what is going on . As for myself I feel like my insides have been on high alert from the day JFK DIED to present day . Thank you Young Whipper Snapper Zac. You have filled many a lonely day with hope . Thank You LA…FL.

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