McConnell Blocks Dems $2k Covid Stimulus



Cocaine Mitch blocks the stimulus, John Ossoff compromised by China, Bernie Sanders campaign ad star hit with 24 charges of corruption , Austrian Lawmaker tests positive fore Covid, I mean his Coke does and is Nurse Tiffany Dover alive or not?

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  1. Obituaries are free in AL. if its published. I could not find her listed in the North AL obituaries.
    Vagal reactions are very common. I drew blood as a lab tech and phlebotomist 20+ years. I would have someone faint at least 2 times a week. Sometimes there’s a delayed reaction and it does hit them until they stand up. It happened to me once after a B12 injection. I also had a cop, wearing a gun, go out in a phlebotomy chair. Needless to say, the cop and I had a serious talk about that incident.
    Great work and always enjoy your show.
    I’m selling my car. I’m not in a hurry. It’s been well taken car of. 2006 Silver Toyota Solar Convertible. V6 175 miles. I’m putting new tires on it very soon. I’m in the FL Panhandle area. Let me know if you would like pictures and more information.

  2. I frequently get a vasovagal response so I can attest to that. However I thought it was a little while after she had the shot so I thought it was odd. But if she had just had the shot it makes sense.

  3. My daughter also went through a rash of wrecks when she was in her early 20’s…….she’s now 33 and has been wreck free for about 6 or so years now. It will pass RP!!

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