Fraud, Scamdemics & Economic Ruin! 2021 Continues…


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On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we investigate several of the top stories facing America, namely, deaths from vaccines, the corruption of the Biden Family, the destruction of America and more.

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  1. [The Day of the Slaves is not a day to celebrate. Borrowing money makes you a slave to the person you borrowed from, read any religious text or historical texts that date way back and they all say the same about borrowing money. Now that’s clear, open LETTERS FROM FRANCE The Private Diplomatic Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin 1776-1785 Edited and annotated by Brett F. Woods and turn to page 213 and you will find the French attorney who was hired by the English crown borrowed 18,000,000 livres from the French. This is how you capture someone, something (an entity, like a country) in usury. While victory was obtained by the colonies, they were still in debt to the French and did not have the power nor authorization to open their post office back up, the Benjamin Franklin Post Office in Philly was the PO of the colonies, this gave them their position on the world map. But since that PO was opened by the Crown, it was closed due to war, war vacates all contracts. Victory obtained, no post office and in debt, the “fathers” had to decide which monarch was to put their power and authorize the new country to open to international trade and commerce. So, since they knew the Crown and knew what to expect, they chose the King. The Rothschild’s took on the debt, backed by the King, then the King was granted an area, a piece of Virginia (Virgin) and a piece of Maryland (Mary), to have his post office in. The Constitution was drafted, refused by colonists, Bill of Rights bonded to the Constitution. The colonists refused to ratify the Constitution until the King accepted the Bill of Rights. The Crown did, and ever since has been its effort to usurp this country and the position of trustee to the debt (President. Accomplished with FDR/Bush and others) and to rid the Bill of Rights. It is no coincidence Title 28 of US Code defines the United States as a federal corporation, federal is from the Crown. The Crown likes to makes rules and policies for its subjects to follow. All of Congress knows the Constitution came to an end in 1999. Each Governor knows. Each President has known. Even Clinton said, “I am the last US President,” no coincidence. Bill also used the power of subjective interpretation to beat his lawsuit, “Depends on the definition of is is,” and “I have just showed the American people a noun is and a verb is, may I show them another? (Enter quantum grammar and subjective interpretation is dead, lawyers/attorneys cannot control a man’s space no more) This year’s “inauguration” was a declaration. It is all a fraud. Each “President” since 1999 has been an active fraud. Each Federal agency is an extension of the crown, alphabet organizations. Another fraud is the “casting of the vote.” You take your volt of power and put it in a pol, so they say. Or you can say it like this, you take your vote and stick it in a pol. Or, you take your vote and put it in a poll. Which way do they say it? No coincidence the “President” does not fill promises after election, he has been electrified with a massive amount of power thanks to the sheep. The truth hurts us all, not just indoctrinated liberals, but brainwashed conservatives too.]

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