FBI Attempts To Stifle Free Speech, Anons Game the Market, Trump Card Being Played?


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We open the show today back on my feet, with Reuters reporting Enrique Tarrio the leader of the Proud Boys is a longtime FBI informant. Now the question is, do we have a modern day COINTELPRO operation, or are they merely sending a warning to leaders of the free speech movements comprised of Patriots in America? So many stories, don’t miss it.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, I have my own conspiracy theory, that the true nature of physics and reality are being hidden from us.

    Before Einstein and relativity, space was a thing, the “aether”. I believed there was an organized push to make relativity accepted. Einstein never was awarded a Nobel prize for relativity, obviously everybody was not convinced. I believe the work of Dayton Miller and his experiments measuring relative motion was the reason. After Miller died, someone who was a proponent of relativity, examined Miller’s work and declared Miller made mistakes. Is this true? I don’t know for sure but if Miller measured any motion at all, no matter how small, proves relativity is not completely correct.

    Now, space is consider a distance of nothing. The problem with this is how do atoms communicate? If their is no medium, then all communication/interaction must be done with particles but these particles do not exist, they are imaginary particles.

    What if space is a thing? Einstein said it was a thing, you just cannot measure your velocity relative to it. I this true, yes, but not because it isn’t happening but because it is hard to do.

    It appears to me that accelerating a mass relative to space creates a force on that mass called inertia. Accelerating space relative to a mass creates a force on that mass called gravity. Gravity and inertia are the same force created the same way, by accelerating a mass relative to space. Gravity on Earth is caused by space accelerating towards the Earth. It works, it matches observation and experiment. It seems kind of obvious now doesn’t it.

    The true nature of reality is that there are no little hard things with independent reality. There are no little hard things that just “exist”. I think therefore I am, I am made of flesh and bone, I am not some sort of computer program. But your flesh and bone are made of cells that are made of atoms that are made of little hard things. Like a hydrogen atom is made of an electron and a proton, two little hard things that just exist. Have you ever touched an electron? Can you buy a box of protons? No, because they do not exist independently, they are two parts of one continuous process. An atom is not a thing, it is a continuous process happening at a point in space. If the process stops there is nothing really there. Everything that exists is a continuous process. Everything that exists has a dependent reality, a reality that depends on a continuous event.

    How do you get something from nothing? 0=(+1)+(-1)
    Nothing is not the lack of things but things in balance.
    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction BUT the speed of the reaction is limited by the speed of light. There is a lag between the action and the reaction. This lag is what allows things to happen, otherwise the action/reaction would happen at the same time and cancel each other out. This lag is what allows things to exist.

    An atom is not a thing, it is an electromagnetic wave that alternates above and below the energy of space. Energy from space accelerates into the atom and then is released as electromagnetic energy. The energy given off by the atom is equal to the energy in the space plus the energy it gained by accelerating into the atom. The atom gives off more energy than it takes in from space. This energy radiates into the space between the galaxies, increasing the energy of the space between the galaxies, causing the space between the galaxies to expand. The universe is not expanding, it is growing. The universe and everything that exists is a form of life. The universe is one gigantic electromagnetic organism that is growing. We are part of the universe, we are part of this organism, we are conscious, therefore the organism is conscious, sort of. It makes you wonder about praying, doesn’t it.

    That is the tip of the iceberg.

  2. I will never vote for a Repub again. Perhaps Trump is our only chance to end the two commie parties as they are both hopeless. The same goes for anyone taking a job with Faux News, i suspect Kayleigh wasn’t as loyal as she played the part and still has duped a bunch of simpleminded folk..

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