Emergency In DC – Was POTUS Already Inaugurated?


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On today’s episode of Red pill news we discuss the DC timeline, a theory that POTUS has already been inaugurated, Texas threatening to secede, Chuck Schumer gets interrupted and a major Trump donor passes away.



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16 Responses

  1. They’re making it so easy to discern truth from fiction by their actions. I truly appreciate your dedication. Love ya man

    From San Antonio, TX

  2. That opening dialogue was a mouth full. First 2 minutes in and I know its going to be a jammed pack day of news. Thanks Zack!

  3. i sure the hell hope our President calls the military out and makes huge arrests. This Jan. 6 stunt was totally another try from the left to oust this duly elected President of the United States…. time to arrest the lot of them…

  4. In my opinion, Trump would not go against the Constitution. The original Constitution had inauguration date of March 4. It was changed by our favorite Socialist FDR to Jan 20. I like the thought of military rule, Trump appoints a military guy as acting President. The Military runs a new election and Trump gets in March 4. Problem with this scenario is the timing of a new election. Can it be pulled off in a month??

  5. the anti-semite comments against Schumer might be from the decision to lockdown the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn last year.

  6. If you’re in California, how is this post set for 10:30 pm, with the time being 10:23 pm, where I am(GA), and comments showing time stamps of January 12, 2021 10:56pm for the first one, thru January 13, 2021 2:51 am being the last one?

  7. My first comment just posted for January 13, 2021 3:26 am. Its still January 12, 2021 10:27pm. Time stamp is hincky…

    1. Maybe it’s timestamps are based on the nation of origin for this app? The brothers who own & operate Telegram are Russian. They created this app for secure coms in oppressed nations.

  8. How could President Trump already have been sworn in when biden has already been confirmed? As much as I would love to believe this, it seems fishy.

  9. If Trump was quietly inaugurated the other day, then he is DEFINITELY going to have to have Biden & Harris arrested soon!! I hope this is true & I hope they make MASSIVE arrests. I think they have all the evidence they need!! But, if arrests are going to be done, they will have to be done SOON. Today is Thursday, 1/14 & Dark Winter Man’s inauguration is set for Weds, the 20th, only 6 DAYS FROM TODAY!! Also, if they do arrests, does Durham have to be the one who gives the order for arrests—-or can Trump do it?? I am praying w/all my heart that arrests ARE GOING TO OR HAVE ALREADY STARTED. Time is running out!!

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