Comfy Sunday Post Christmas with RP, M3 & Mark Taylor


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Mark Taylor returns to help us sort through the mess that has been 2020. The Best Is Yet To Come!


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  1. So true…the Patriots and the enemy are exposing themselves like never before. 20/20 is more than a just a year. McConnell, Christie, CJ Roberts, Counsel to the President Cippoline, Geraldo Riviera are just a mosaic of the traitors within. I find it disconcerting that they have chosen the dark side but 74 million patriots have told them to GO TO HELL and will never accept the senile ridden 78 year man who stands on his soap box and talks about the kids who liked to rub his hairy legs 55 years earlier. Less than 2% given to “hysterically funny in her own mind” what’s her name is no better. Be Smart!!!

  2. Some elderly are in fear. I am 80 and “not” in fear!! There are more elderly “not” in fear than I think you give credit.

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