China Still the Number One Threat, Bitcoin Continues To Grow, Food Shortages Coming?


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Bob Kudla returns after a holiday absence to go over the after shocks of yesterdays “inauguration”, the influence of Chinese CCP food consumption creating inflationary pressures on our supplies and Bitcoin brushing all expectations.
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    1. I didn’t have much to invest so as soon as my profit was $50 over my original $125 investment, I took out the $125. I watched that jump to over $100. Now it’s a little over $80. Still profit, i know.
      One of my family members got in a couple years ago and cashed out some of her profit and bought a great piece of property. Still has a good investment.

  1. So my question is with all of this chaos of world leaders and vatican leaders and proof of election fraud and the cabal, why aren’t any of the markets dropping? Will the market collapse? Thoughts???

  2. Who is this loon that thinks that there will EVER be a free election again? What a waste of my time watching and listening to him spew this crap.

    1. Probably. Pres T made some kind of law/order to do away with it. Since Pres Potato got in office, I’m sure it’s back on.

  3. Seriously…. I know You think these things are all connected… but many Do Not, and you are not doing a Service To Anyone Trying to combine the two…you are so better than this.

  4. Look into Monero (XMR). Bitcoin is traceable (non-fungible) and has been infiltrated by Chinese/corporate interests since 2013. Monero is private digital cash. Bitcoin is not and never will be. The largest darknet market is Monero only. Do some research.

  5. No, I’m talking about Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is dominated by Chinese ASICs. XMR is ASIC resistant. There’s a reason that BTC is the crypto of institutional investors nowadays and why the narrative has changed to “store of value” (read the original whitepaper by Satoshi: BTC was supposed to be digital cash)

  6. Its REALLY scarey to think Bob thinks there will be ANY pressure on Biden. WTH, Bob, his handlers will be the president and Biden will show for publicity only. Jehsus, you are getting me worried. You didnt see the video of him Fri in the oval office signing one EO after another without reading them and saying, “Hell, i dont even know what im signing”.

    Bob, dont you understand what a Manchurian candidate is? Hes POTUS in name only.

    As for the food shortages, thats how Stalin did it in the potato famines in times of plenty. He stopped the trains from bringing food to the cities or necessities back to the farners.

    Come on. Get real.

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