Bloody Tuesday, Hard Lessons, Soldier Forward


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I break down the wins and losses of the 2022 mid-terms and urge everyone to use this as an opportunity to force a change.

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  1. What on Gods green earth did you think was going to happen? In 2020 they stacked the deck with even more criminals, nothing has changed that. If anything it is now harder to fix, there is no way in hell we can vote are way out if this mess. Bottom line, if the military doesn’t step in we are all screwed, until they get rid of deep state we the people, are we the sheep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zak, you have commented on this episode about what people can do in the wake of these disappointing outcomes. There are several things the people can do in recourse. One of them is for people to learn about, understand and form a Committee of Safety in their counties. We are a legitimate Committee of Safety here in Allegheny County, PA. A Committee of Safety also known as Committees of Protection and various other names is nothing new. It stems way back to the founding era and before the 1700’s . The word “safety” was meant to be used a safeguard by the people to the people from the British forces. This is where We the People can exercise their sovereignty in safeguarding communities, natural disaster relief, educating others, establishing common law grand juries, watching elections and establishing a close relationship with the County Sheriff. Zak, there is too much to talk about here. I encourage everyone interested to research this topic and hopefully implement it in their counties.

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