RPN Short 04/21/21 Ep. 1 – Chauvin Sacrificed But It’s Not Enough, They Want A Race War


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The conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin has not satiated the mobs thirst for blood, in fact many are clamoring for an all out race war.

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  1. George Floyd was cuffed and in their squad car. He was fully their prisoner and so they are responsible for him. He said he took too many drugs and that he could not breathe. They had every duty to get him help and no reason to rough him up. They did rough him up and they did not get him help. Abusing a sick prisoner and letting them die of an overdose is murder.

  2. Also I disagree with you about only the brainwashed getting the vaccine. My ex-wife might give it to the kids. And then there’s people who can’t feed their kids if they lose their job.

  3. Moving on, I want to talk about the Dontae right shooting. I think the video is fake, the story is ridiculous, and the charge is ridiculously low. I’ll talk about the video first. You can hear everything everyone says. You can hear the jingling of the Cuffs. But you can’t hear a gunshot. You can’t see a muzzle flash. You can’t see Dante’s face. You can’t see Donte wounded or dead, and you can’t see Potter’s face. The story is ridiculous because the 26-year veteran officer does not mistake a gun for a taser. The charge (2nd dgree manslaughter) is ridiculously low because it does not afford a jury any opportunity at holding her actually accountable. She is innocent until proven incompetent. I think that bodes ill for the respect of police officers generally and I think that is no accident. I think this, just like the Floyd shooting, is a deep State attempt at undermining law enforcement generally speaking. But this time they will not make the mistake of giving a jewelry a chance to fix it.

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