RP78 Live From DC March For Trump w/ Craig, Cologero & Kate!


Live from an undisclosed location in Washington DC! Together, in the same room, for the first time, Craig Mason, Cologero Getz, Kate Awakening & Zak Paine!






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  1. The whole ‘violence’ scenario is so FF! Antifa ‘breached’ the Capitol but they were escorted there, from the buses they arrived in, by the police, and the police casually opened the gate and just let them in. They knew!

    And watch the video of the so-called murder of that woman and it is very suspicious. The ‘shooter’ pops out of that door and fires through the broken glass and supposedly hits her in the neck, yet nobody falls to the floor or runs screaming when there is a gun fired that close, which would be normal. And watch the so-called police with rifles behind her against the wall and how they react. The police do not crouch down and fire towards the so-called shooter. They continue to stand there and creep along and the one in the front nearest to the shooter actually gives a quick thumbs up to him and it looks like almost a wink. This whole thing was a false flag just like everything else that went wrong with this to cover up for the voter fraud and how Congress was going to cover up that fraud. Just like normal, everything is a false flag and a lie and the media is complicit in all of it. They all must be tried, convicted and hung. https://www.bitchute.com/video/BWR14xY0pqxt/ via bitslide

  2. RedPill78 could you please do an update for us on the news coming out of Italy ? Is that real or is it not. It was supposed to be submitted to different levels of government yesterday but still not one word on any platforms on it ..anyone know anything about it ?

    1. I saw it posted to twitter yesterday and signed by the guy who was whistleblower.
      Have been looking for a new post from yesterday. You guys didn’t get arrested did you? Did you help get the antifa away from the capital. I read that trump supporters had pulled back on some of them.

  3. That video had Blood & I am now quite convinced it is FAKE, as you believe. A lady posted almost the same thing yesterday & CLAIMED she took it with her cell phone as she just happened to be standing next to the unknown lady. NEWS gave her a name, age, job & said she’s dead. HERE is the UNDOCTORED video from Amazing Polly & not one drop of blood. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rFI6ER2vIFtG/

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