POTUS Farewell Address, Clock Is Ticking, Panic In DC


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As we move closer to the scheduled “inauguration”, things just don’t add up. Would the white hats really allow the country to be destroyed? Was the last three years just a psyop to show us how bad things were, then let all the pieces fall off the chessboard? I don’t think so. Including POTUS farewell address.

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  1. As always great work. Real life journalism is your strongest suit. Keep it America needs it! Thanks for CYA’n, all y’all, m3thods and the others. I’ve been a truther always. I found the Plan movie in January 2018 after much prayer and considering much before about moving abroad. But, I’m a die hard native Texan and they can’t take that away ever!

  2. Thanks so much for all your work to bring us the truth going on in our country. I so enjoy all of your podcasts! I’m faithfully praying with you and millions of Americans that tomorrow will be a new day that does not bring us a faux Biden presidency.

    God bless you, Zach!

  3. Zack, I think you are right on. I really needed to hear your positive comments since most other channels believe Biden will be sworn in. God is in control and He chose Donald Trump to lead us out of the darkness into the light. There is no way that Trump would allow sleepy Joe or horizontal Harris to gain any power. God bless you for all you do.
    Mary Ann

  4. Hello RP. I really enjoy your broadcasts. A lot of things to be on watch for. The battles have gone the oppositions way, hopefully the “war”, meaning only the outcome of this election will, by the hand of God through good men and women, be delivered to us. Carry on, ethernet soldier.

  5. Hi Zack
    I found RedPill late in the game wish I found you sooner !
    Thank you for your to the point information and rational explanations of events. This has been a much needed beacon of light in this sea of despair keep up the great work ! May God bless you and yours .

  6. Lets hope that all that has ben talked about and planned come to fruition. There are too many Trump supporters that can’t stomach the fact the sleepy Joe Biden could come even close to winning the 2020 election. I am so tired the Democrats getting away with their two-faced rhetoric. Let’s hope God takes us through a victory with Trump at the helm.

  7. So nothing happened…. Biden is now president. Nothing you said happened. Q is a liar. Can’t wait to see how you spin this now. ARRESTS ARE COMING ARRESTS ARE COMING! What a joke.

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