Juror 52 Sparks Request For New Chauvin Trial


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Is it possible to wear a BLM shirt and be an impartial Juror in the Chauvin Trial? No, I didn’t think so either.

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  1. Procedural complications could just buy a mistrial and those are all I want to talk about right now, keeping it separate from the merits of the case. I think that media coverage and ensuing Zeitgeist can compromise the impartiality of a jury. The more difficult question for me is what to do about that in this information age. I think that even is sequestered jury would have been exposed of the discussion of this Case.
    But here’s a second question. If following the department policy and procedure still meets the definition of a crime what superseds? I think that’s a lot of wood although I reduce charge might be justified… but in that case we’re with the remainder of the culpability be placed?

    1. I hate my voice to text program. I was driving and I’ll have to redo that whole comment. Lol

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